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Terms Of Privacy Golden Seasons Travel and Tours cares about our customer. It secures data of customers and keeps it confidential. Whatever the documents we receive it we do not share to anyone.
We are partners of various companies. Connecting websites are selling their products and on their websites. We give links to you for your help. I am no responsible of connecting sites.
We collect payments of visa service through various means. We will give all the information related to payments. If you have any inquiry regarding terms and condition you can send email
Customers can search for flights, hotels and rent a car on cheap prices. We will update the data with the passage of time. 1-We protect the privacy of customer and keep all customer data confidential. We contact other websites to offer you cheap prices but these websites are not subject to this privacy policy.

Customers can visit other websites privacy web page to understand the term and condition and terms of privacy.

2-Our staff will also follow privacy terms while dealing with the customer.

3-We may change the privacy policy from time to time and update our privacy term page.

4-If you have any question about the privacy policy you can visit our contact page and send you inquiry we will respond to you as soon as possible.

5-You can request us to correct any information which you have sent to make travel arrangement, booking flights, and hotel reservation.

6-We will give you quality customer service while making arrangements for travel services.

7-Travel agents can request service which they need to handle customer. We will fully cooperate with them to make arrangements for travel services.