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Travel tips before start your journey there are a lot of things which passenger needs to keep into mind. We are here to provide you some step by step. Consult airline or travel agent where you purchase this information is only for general purpose. We do not claim any liability of it. Before going to airport check all the documents are with you. Your passport, immigration papers and airline tickets are the most important. You should double check it. if you miss any document which is required by the immigration officer. You can face huge loss in the form of tickets. If you take non-refundable ticket you will have to purchase new ticket which could be very expensive. Also check your passport is valid for travel. Usually your passport should be valid for six month before the travelling date. Validity of passport varies from country to country. Travel tips

If you are travelling on tourist visa. It is required you to take round trip ticket. If you do not take it immigration officer may refuse you to travel.


Look into your ticket what is the departure date and timing of the journey it is good to confirm your ticket before one week of departure date because some time airline changes its schedule. You can call or visit the office where you purchase it.

Baggage Allowances and Hand Carry

Always confirm baggage allowance and hand carry before going to airport if you check your ticket it is mentioned on the ticket and if not available you can consult the agency where to purchase the ticket for confirmation of baggage allowance and hand carry.

Refundable or Non Refundable

Always confirm before paying for ticket, airline ticket is refundable or non-refundable. In case of emergency if you want to postpone your journey then you can get back your money if ticket is refundable. This is only possible if you got confirmation from the seller when you priced for the ticket. You need to confirm also how many hours before the date of departure it is refundable because there are also no show charges if ticket is not refund before or within these hours, so you can avoid the problems if you get complete information of the ticket from seller.

Direct or Indirect Flight

Check your flight is direct or indirect if it is indirect then check the connecting destination airport, date and timing and how many hours you have to stay at airport. Get complete details of stay when you purchase the ticket as some times it is not mentioned on the ticket.

Seat Selection

Seat selection is also possible when it free from can also be done by you if you use airline website and put pnr and name and get the itinerary details. Airline will give option to book free seat and also those seat options which are payable. Paid seats are booked by the travel agent by issuing miscellaneous document. Front seats are costly than gallery seats. window and aisle seat may have different price it depends upon the location of the seat.

Date Change Procedure

Date change procedure is also very important to know by the customers. Some tickets are not allowed to change as by rule they are non-changeable. Before paying confirm what is the penalty of date change and what is the minimum time required to before the departure time usually it requires 24 hours before the departure time. Some times when you go for date change and you ask for date change the price of the ticket reduce and you pay also penalty. Before getting change check with airline it will tell you the accurate price for date changes. If you delay for date change and apply for it after the departure date then no show penalty will also add in the date change penalty .always remember get date change before 24 hour of the departure date as if cross it you will have to more penalties for it.

Prohibited and Non Prohibited Items

To avoid problem in the airport always check which items are prohibited by the airline this prohibited information you can get from the airline website read it carefully before packing your luggage and also weight your luggage if it is more than allowed baggage then keep in mind how much charges you will pay it at the airport. Different airline charge different prices at the airport for extra baggage. Do not exceed the limit otherwise you will have to pay extra charges which can disturb your budget.

travel tips

travel tips